Which Are The Ovens of 2022?

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For those loving cooking, ovens should never lack in their kitchens. With a smart oven, cooking will be much easier because smart ovens allow you to perform a dozen of cooking tasks, from cooking, baking, roasting to hydrating and even proofing dough. Here are standout ovens of 2022 you should consider for your upcoming decision.

Amazon Smart Oven

Price: $250

Amazon Smart Oven is reviewed as the best oven of 2022 by many housewives. Not only so, but its price of $250 is also more reasonable in comparison to other countertop convection ovens. This oven comes with a free third-generation Echo Dot; therefore, you have to connect it to Alexa to issue a command to it, for instance, “Alexa, turn the oven off after 15 minutes”.

This Amazon Smart Oven does not recognize food but it can do scan-to-cook for packaged foods. Especially, this oven establishes excellent Alexa voice controls, meaning that you can use Alexa to control more than 30 already set cooking functions in this oven.

To date, this Amazon Smart Oven is the one and only countertop oven being able to serve as a countertop microwave oven. You just need to spend on this oven and there is no need to clog up more space on your countertop with a different countertop device. This Amazon Smart Oven, with its multiple functions, is nothing but a perfect alternative to your old microwave. It does not only can work like a convection oven, food warmer but also is a great air frying kitchen appliance.

The oven with a solid capacity of 1000 watt microwaving power is able to cook whole chickens, tasty air-fried French fries. Thus, it is a perfect one for families seeking a multifunctional oven.

Tovala Smart Oven

Price: $299

Tovala Smart Oven is the best for a scan-to-cook oven that you should head for. This oven is built around a chef-curated meal kit which is priced $12 per serving. However, you definitely can get the oven and dismiss the pricey meals. This oven is developed with the ability to scan 7750 different grocery items from stores before using steam, bake, broil and toast functions to cook the dishes you have chosen during the cooking process. Voice assistant compatibility is not necessary since this smart oven can do it all for you. However, in case you still want to get more control over your dishes, a Tovala app is available to control the oven, see recipes,…

The foods that this Tovala Smart Oven can scan are only the handful and most common ones from the Whole Foods Inventory. So don’t bring foods that are uncommon and hope this oven to scan them for you since it is impossible.

If you love this Tovala smart countertop toaster oven, maybe you should try the meal kits as they are quite interesting to try, delicious and easy to make as well. If the price is what you concern, you should check the Tovala website quite often since it is often on sale or other promotions.

June Oven (2nd-gen)

Price: $499

When it comes to food recognition, the June Oven is the best one you could find in the market. What we love about this smart oven is plenty of cooking mode options, as well as several hand accessories and onscreen recommendations. So even if you are tech-illiterate, the onscreen recommendations will guide you to cook different foods with this smart oven.

The June Oven in its second generation is not out of the tech trend, using voice commands and Alexa. The June app does not only allow you to control the oven from anywhere but also lets you view live videos of cooking foods. For a perfect cooking time, the core temperature will be tracked by a smart cooking function.

This June Oven is sold as a package. A standard package comes at a price of $499 which includes a food thermometer, roasting rack, baking pan, wire shelf and crumb tray. The Gourmet package of $699, besides the appliances listed above, adds baking pans, air-fry baskets, a recipe subscription and an extended warranty.

Hoover Vision

Hoover Vision is another smart oven that is highly recommended by many households. Its touchscreen door allows users to adjust settings with no difficulty. As a multifunctional oven, it can deliver different cooking options, from starters to desserts and even a pyrolytic function.

The most amazing function, as voted by users, is a built-in HD camera insider the oven. Normally, when you roast any food, especially a big one like a whole chicken, you often have to open the door to check it often to ensure it is fully roasted. With the HD camera inside, you now can check it without opening the door, which is much more convenient and safer. The manufacturer also builds an app called Hoover Wizard app which is connected to this smart oven. Now you just have to install the app to your smartphone and watch recipe videos, save favorites and watch you food cook at the same time.

Bosch Serie 8 HRG6769S6B

Besides multifunctional programs, the Bosch Serie 8 is also a good-sized capacity oven, allowing some of the guesswork out of the cooking process. Cleaning is now a breeze thanks to a 4D hot air system using a rotating fan to circulate heat on every shelf. And like many modern ovens, the Bosch Serie 8 HRG6769S6B can be connected to the Bosch Home Connect app so that you can control some functions through your smart devices.

Samsung Chef Collection NV73J9770RS

The Samsung Chef Collection NV73J9770RS is a multifunctional oven with a pyrolytic function, helping to decrease residue to ash, requiring just a wipe rather than a scrub.

For better meals, this smart oven uses Gourmet Vapour Technology to add moisture to the meals. It is also connected to wifi so to deliver some functions through your smart devices.

It has never been easy to choose an oven since you are overloaded with choices. Since technology develops at a fast pace, you can expect a modern oven with many excellent functions to best fulfill cooking demands. Here we have listed some of the best ovens of 2022. Hope it will help you to make a faster yet wiser decision.


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