The Unexpected Benefits That Refrigerators Bring To Your Family

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Now that technology has developed, food preservation has also become better than before. Refrigerators are the best tool to help preserve food. It can be said that in the kitchen of each family it is indispensable to have a refrigerator. The main use of a refrigerator is to preserve fresh and delicious food, keep it for a long time without getting damaged. But few people know that in addition to those main uses, refrigerators can also bring many other benefits for users. Join us to find out what those benefits are!


Food preservation

 The refrigerator is also one of the best food preservation products/Ph.koalasuppermarket


In addition to a vacuum cleaner, the refrigerator is also one of the best food preservation products. They have the ability to cool, freeze, and preserve food in the freezer for 6 months, and in the freezer for about a week. This is a major use of refrigerators that everyone knows.

Save time

For the grandmothers, the refrigerator is a great assistant to help them save time on shopping, cooking time. You can process the food that you cannot use up and put it in the refrigerator, then re-process it, the food is still delicious and maintains its nutrients.

You can go to the market once to buy food for several days without worrying about spoiled food.

Beauty support tools

If you store cosmetics in the refrigerator, they will definitely last for a long time, not to mention many cosmetics must be stored in the refrigerator to be used as essential oils. In addition, with a cheap ice cream machine you can freely enjoy delicious ice cream, cool without worrying about getting hot, gaining weight like ice cream in the shop.

Flatten the silk

Silk is a thin, smooth material that is easy to crease and should not be leveled directly on an iron. You can use the little tip with the refrigerator to flatten towels, silk clothes in the following way

Spray wet water evenly, then put in a plastic bag for the refrigerator. A few minutes later you take out the iron, the clothes will be extremely flat and easy to iron. If possible, use a steam iron to avoid direct heat to the clothes.

Wash jeans without water

Jeans that wash with soap and water are easy to fade, fray, and tear, but if they take it to the dry cleaner, it is quite expensive. Therefore, you should refrain from washing them like that, unless they are heavily muddy, or too dirty. And you should try to take advantage of your refrigerator to handle it. Put your jeans in a zippered pocket with a piece of scented paper, put in the freezer overnight, and then dry in the sun the next day. The low temperature of the cabinet will help you kill most of the bacteria on your pants while maintaining their perfect appearance.

Perfume preservation

Not only preserving food is always fresh, you will be surprised when the refrigerator also has the ability to prolong the shelf life of perfume. Every time you finish using perfume, you use its box, wrap paper or plastic bag and place it in the refrigerator, with this method it can preserve them for several years. Moreover, when preserved like this, the scent is also retained on the body longer when used.

 Fragrances will retain the fragrance for longer when stored in the refrigerator/Ph.pinterest


It seems that you need to invest in a very spacious refrigerating device to take full advantage of the ability to preserve your favorite food and cosmetics.

Making spice pellets

Occasionally, you may buy a surplus of green onions and herbs, but don't use them all, or you miss making hot pot soup, soup is a bit too much, leaving it wasted. Don't worry, shred the onions and put them in the ice cube tray, then fill the umbrellas with cooking oil or olive oil, the same is the hot pot broth, then place in the freezer. So you have ready-made spices, for the next time, both convenient and extremely economical.

Keep the fish alive

Where there are a lot of raw fish you want to keep for processing. At this point, the refrigerator will promote its "extraordinary" use, keeping fish alive for about 2 days without changing water. Place the fish in a high-walled feed tray or vegetable compartment, prevent the fish from jumping out, and then place it in the cooler of the refrigerator. That way, we still have fresh fish to eat tomorrow.

If you are looking to replace a new refrigerator for your home, you should choose one with a large capacity, or a spacious vegetable compartment to be able to take full advantage of this use.

Seed preservation

A refrigerator can also be an extremely safe seed storage area, if you intend to grow fresh vegetables at home. You just need to choose the best seeds, dry, not damp, put in sealed boxes or Ziplock bags and put in the freezer. When you want to grow vegetables, you just need to bring the seed bag outside, wait for the seeds to fully thaw at room temperature, and you can cultivate normally.

 A refrigerator can also be an extremely safe seed storage area/Ph.cpcrareplantacademy


Open the sealed envelope

For a moment accidentally, you forget to put the letter in the cover, but accidentally sealed it up, so what to do? To solve this very simple problem, I will give you a little tip with the refrigerator. Put the envelope in a plastic bag and put it in the refrigerator for about 1 hour. Take it out and immediately use a thin blade knife to open the envelope, without fear of tearing or damage, super fast and compact.

Keep carbonated water with the lid on

It is a waste to pop 1 can of water without drinking it all. If left in the outside environment, you are afraid that it will be discarded because of deterioration, causing health effects.

You should close the cork tightly and upright, put it in the refrigerator to store. This way you can keep your drink bottle for a week and still have some gas.

Movie preservation

Movies left in the outside environment may be moldy, "film burnt". Don't worry about having the following tips for you to preserve for a long time without affecting image quality.

Movies (including movies in progress) wrapped in plastic containers in the refrigerator. This way will help you have peace of mind to preserve valuable pictures.

Helps keep candles from dripping

Candles (candles) often have dripping phenomenon when lit. By putting in the refrigerator one day before using, the light will not have the above phenomenon. This is especially true for candles used for the birthday cake.

Keep milk fresh for 2 weeks

The whole fresh milk you want to store well, you first cook it, let it cool down and then put it in the refrigerator with a fresh air seal. If you put milk in the cooler, it will keep the milk for 3-4 days, while in the freezer it will be 2 weeks.

Refrigerators aren't just as useful for storing and cooling food as we see them. The refrigerator with many unexpected benefits that it brings will definitely make you feel better. Above are some of the unexpected benefits that refrigerators bring to your family. Hopefully the above sharing will help you with many useful tips with the refrigerator.


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