Notes You Must Remember When Using The Microwave

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Microwaves are used by many families and establishments in their cooking. In addition to its great utility and high performance, microwaves can also be harmful to you. Scientific research shows that food cooked in a microwave will retain more vitamins than traditional cooking methods. The microwave also helps women save nearly half of housework. However, if you neglect to pay attention to use it properly, the microwave oven can cause unpredictable accidents for you and many people around. In order to avoid uncommon circumstances, let's go through some notes when using the microwave.

The cooking (reheating) time of the food should not be too long

Do not heat food in microwave for more than 2 hours/Ph.dienmayxanh

If food has been heated or reheated in the microwave for more than 2 hours, it is best to discard it as appropriate. Because when reheated too long can cause food to decompose, burn and become poisonous, harmful to the body.

Usually reheating 1 bowl of soup usually takes 3 - 7 minutes. So there's nothing that you have to keep the food on for so long. Food should only be heated to the right amount of time

Do not use plastic containers in the microwave

Plastic, if used in the microwave, will be deformed, not to mention that in the process, the molten plastic will cling to the food and harm your body.

Most porcelain, glass, and plastic utensils can be used in the microwave, but not all are safe. Usually, the manufacturer will note "microwave-safe" or "microwavable" in the product. You should pay attention to suitable and safe health. If using improper plastic in the microwave, toxic chemicals in plastic will seep into the food, causing diseases such as diabetes, infertility, and heart disease.

Do not use plastic food packaging/Ph.Nguyenkim

Do not put metal objects in the microwave

Metal objects such as cups, dishes, spoons, when put in the microwave, can emit electric sparks that are reflected back and forth inside the oven, causing fire and explosion.

Fish meat thawed in the microwave should not be refrigerated

Microwaves use only low temperatures to defrost the outer layer of food. At this time, bacteria also began to appear.

Even if you put food in the refrigerator, it will only stop the growth of bacteria, not destroy it. The best way after thawing is to prepare the food right away.

Do not use a lid to heat liquid foods such as soup or milk

During the heating process, the liquid heats up, so the internal pressure is also hot, if using the lid, it can cause cracking. Even when heating food in the can, be sure to poke a hole in the container to avoid spattering the oven.

Avoid using plastic food packaging

The best way is to store food in a bowl and then use plastic to cover it, not to let the plastic bag stick directly to the food. By doing this, you will keep the vapor and the food will heat evenly.

Do not roast or fry food in the microwave

During the process of roasting and frying at high temperatures, grease is easily spilled around the oven, causing fire. If the inside of the microwave oven catches fire, do not open the door immediately but unplug it first before opening the door.

Clean regularly

You should clean the microwave every day/Ph.sonexpoxy

Like other appliances, the microwave also needs to be cleaned regularly. When thawing, reheating, food is easy to splash, grease in the oven causing a bad smell. Not only that, but the dirty microwave will reduce life and consume energy.

To clean the microwave, you can follow this recipe: Add 2 teaspoons of lemon juice to 1 cup of water and microwave. Turn the oven on high until the water boils then turn off 5 minutes later, remove the cup and wipe the oven with a paper towel.

Do not watch out for food

You should not stand near the microwave, but if you leave it for too long, you may experience problems such as: burnt food, popcorn, broken glass... because the temperature is too high. You need to keep an eye on food in the microwave so you can handle the worst possible situation promptly.

To feel more secure, you should only leave it for a short time depending on the purpose of use. In addition, you should also avoid reheating some of the following foods in the microwave because they are harmful to your health: mushrooms, celery, fruit, fried foods, sauces and breast milk.

Stir the food well

Microwaves heat the water molecules unevenly so food heats up quickly, but they only get around 70-80%. This means that your food is usually hot on the outside and cold in the middle. Foods with a high water content like vegetables will heat faster than other foods such as meat, fish, etc.

Not only is not hot food difficult to eat, but it can also have adverse health effects as the cold allows harmful bacteria to survive. Therefore, you should stir or stir the food and then reheat a little more to heat evenly.

Use gloves

Food containers are very hot, even steam can cause burn/Ph.phunutoday

When the microwave signal is done, open the door and use your hand to take out the food right away? Food containers are very hot, even steam can cause burns! In particular, children are at risk of burns when they open the microwave curiously. A recent study (surveyed between 2002 and 2012) found that nearly 11,000 children 1 – 4 years old were treated in the emergency department for microwave burns.

So keep your gloves ready on the microwave and carefully wait a few seconds for the heat to cool down before taking out the food. Also, you should put the microwave in a high position so that the child cannot reach it. In the event of a burn, you need to quickly give first aid to avoid further burns.

Microwaves can give you many benefits, but they can also injure you if you do not know the precautions to use. I hope that the above sharing can make you use the microwave better.


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