These Types Of Dryers Deserve The Most Attention

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Life is developing day by day, the demand for human life also increases. If in the old days washing clothes was finished, rely on the sun to dry. However, on rainy days, clothes will not dry out and often smell wet and unpleasant for the person next to them. In addition, many families will not have a place to dry their clothes when the space is too narrow. Or where there is a long winter and lack of sunlight, it is impossible to dry clothes, blankets. Therefore, today people use the clothes dryer to bring fragrance to clothes and great convenience. There are many different types of dryers, but which one is most noticeable and best for you? Join us to find out right now!

Various types of clothes dryers are available in the market

Currently, the market has 3 basic clothes dryer lines: washer dryer, specialized dryer, and oven.

Washer dryer

Is the washing machine line, integrated drying function. This series of dryers are widely used in Europe and America because of its convenience. In Vietnam, this model is not popular because it has a relatively high price, on average, from 20 million or more.

Specialized dryer (horizontal door dryer)

Is a dryer line with a horizontal door washer design, belonging to the line of fixed clothes dryers.

There are two popular types of horizontal door specialized dryers:

  • Vent dryer: The machine works by allowing the steam to be released directly through the vent pipe, thereby helping the clothes dry quickly.
  • Condenser Dryer: This series uses more advanced technology that causes the steam in the clothes to condense in the tray inside the machine.

Specialized clothes dryers cost from 5 million to several tens of millions, so this series is still limited to use because of its high cost.


Belonging to the line of portable dryers, compact and lightweight design, able to arrange and move easily. Clothes drying cabinets are divided into two categories, including round ovens, also known as drying cages, and box-shaped ovens or commonly called ovens.

This series of ovens is most commonly used because the low price is suitable for many users with low cost, who can easily spend.

Dryer selection criteria

Before deciding whether to buy a clothes dryer, you need to clearly define your family's needs to avoid buying unused and wasteful. Or the unsuitable capacity is too large for the demand, which will waste unnecessary power.

In areas with a cold climate or less sunshine, it is reasonable to buy a clothes dryer, while for a sunny area all year round, buying a dryer needs to be careful. Wherever you are, you need to choose the quality and price of the machine you want to buy.

Of all household appliances, the clothes dryer is the most energy-consuming device, so it is necessary to determine the needs of the family to choose the right capacity. The higher the capacity, the more electricity consumed by the machine. The capacity mentioned here is the number of kg of clothes per drying. The most popular today are specialized dryers with capacities from 5kg to 15kg. Depending on the number of family members, I choose the right number of kilograms.

Today's dedicated dryers are supported by inverter technology to save significant power consumption. With ovens, there is currently no energy-saving technology.

In addition, with the dedicated dryer, you can choose to add other support features such as: anti-wrinkle feature, anti-odor and bacteria mode, drying mode suitable for each type of clothes , and automatic drying timer.

Electrolux clothes dryer

Electrolux is a famous brand for household items such as washing machines, vacuum cleaners, and air conditioners. Consumers appreciate it for its design as well as its durability.

As for the clothes dryer line, Electrolux is rated as a high-end dryer line. Electrolux dryers stand out by using a double-action reverse drum that makes clothes dry quickly. Electrolux's Iron Aid circular drying technique also minimizes wrinkles on clothes even when clothes have not been removed after drying.

Electrolux clothes dryers are similar in design and design to their previous washing machines.

A Candy clothes dryer

Candy clothes dryer is made in Italy, with international standards and imported directly, users are completely assured of the durability and quality of the Candy clothes dryer.

Modern drying technology to help clothes dry quickly has been applied by the company to its dryer. In addition to the ability to quickly dry clothes, the company also stands out with more than 18 drying modes for each different clothes. With the ability to self-adjust the drying temperature and drying time, the drying process for clothes is optimized as well as saving electricity.

The Candy clothes dryer also has an  ironing drying mode that helps the clothes not only dry after drying but also retain their new shape.

In addition to using modern drying technology, the Candy clothes dryer also has a modern and luxurious design to help make your home stand out more.

Whirlpool clothes dryer

The Whirlpool clothes dryer is manufactured and assembled in the US. Whirlpool has a variety of activities, has drying features for each type of fabric, ensuring durable use, not fading, affecting fabric materials.

The dryer works consistently with regular usage performance, is a line of machines for home and industry such as hotels, shops, products that meet all international standards and documents such as: CO, CQ  Aquatest should be used for both laboratory fabric testing.

The clothes dryer is one of the very important tools for many homes. It will save us more time and effort on drying clothes. In addition, it also brings more quality washing clothes thanks to modern technology.


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