The Modern Technology In TV You Should Know

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Along with the continuous development of people, TV is more and more modern day, the technologies integrated on it are also more and more. People want to bring the best and most authentic experiences through small screens. They want sharper, clearer, more vivid movies. Since then, many modern technologies of the visual color have been born and continuously improve the TV to become even better. Do you know what those modern technologies are? Join us to find out right now!

Quantum Dot technology and Nano Crystals

Quantum Dot, also known as quantum dot technology, is super thin plastic strips with green, red, green colors. It allows LCD monitors to render high-quality, vivid color images. However, the cost of this technology is quite high, so it is usually only applied on high-end televisions.

Nano Crystals - this is Samsung's exclusive technology for SUHD TVs, using a 10-bit panel (1 billion colors) that provides 64 times more color and picture quality than UHD technology (Ultra HD).

OLED display

On OLED screens, colors will be better because OLED has a deeper black than LED TVs, in addition to higher contrast and wider color length than conventional screens. The pixels in the OLED screen will light up when the current is passed, so the power consumption will be very low and the heat generated when the TV is operating is not much.

QLED display

QLED is a new generation of Samsung TVs using quantum dot technology (Quantum Dot) on an LED panel that, when illuminated by the LED backlight, will emit different colors. QLED will have improvements in light efficiency, fastness and color spectrum compared to LED technology and other technologies.


Quantum Dot screen technology is actually Nano crystal particles that help display a diverse range of colors. If a conventional TV can only display 16 million colors, with Quantum dot technology combining a 10-bit TV SUHD's panel, colors are displayed 64 times more brilliant, delivering brilliant images with 1 billion colors vivid color. The resolution of SUHD is 4 times higher than UHD and 4K. Everything you see in real life will be depicted in the truest way through the SUHD TV.

UHD and 4K

UHD and 4K, these two technologies are basically the same, both to talk about the second best picture quality TV series today, only after the SUHD (8K) TVs that Samsung just introduced at the CES conference recently. UHD and 4K have a resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels, 4 times higher than the HDTV line that once stormed the market.

Resolution is not the only factor determining picture quality, but customers can rely on that to decide on the TV series suitable for their family needs.

HDR technology

HDR - High Dynamic Range means contrast expands. HDR technology is integrated on the TV to increase contrast and color, avoid blurred white parts, loss of detail, images in bright or dark areas will be displayed more clearly, providing more clarity deep for the image, creating a real, natural feeling. Colors on HDR standard TVs must be 10-bit, equivalent to 1 billion separate colors.

Local Dimming

Local Dimming, also known as local dimming, is understood to be a feature that improves the quality of the displayed image. Most of the TVs on the market today have LEDs, but they can not turn off or off or reduce the display light, but only two functions on and off. This technology was born to change the uniformity of LED backlight on the TV, to increase the contrast of the displayed image. The light on and off time of this technology is very fast, so it will not affect the picture quality displayed on the TV.

Some TV models have the most modern technology today

Smart TV QLED Samsung 8K QA65Q900R

This can be considered as one of the TVs that Samsung invests in the latest technology. Qled Samsung 8K QA65Q900R is rimmed and has a plastic stand, 65inch in size. With a resolution of up to 8K, 4 times higher than 4K UHD TV and 16 times higher than FHD TV. With this resolution, it shows us more than 33 million pixels at a time.

Smart TV Qled Samsung 8K QA65Q900R is designed to use Tizen OS. Especially, the processor with the latest breakthrough technology Quantum 8K Processor helps to process and improve image quality, optimize brightness and sound modes to be compatible with all conditions of the backup and display content market. 8K Al Upscaling artificial intelligence upscales and displays sharper images, helping you get better image quality.

The latest technology in Quantum Dot screen quantum dot helps you to upgrade your experience of brightness.

Sony 55A9F Oled TV

Oled Sony 55A9F has a size of 57 inches, originating from Malaysia, this is considered as the TV with the latest technology support from Sony. This product combines Oled display with Master Series technology to create the perfect sound and picture. Design of the Oled Sony 55A9F is quite neat and eye-catching.

Oled Sony 55A9F size 57 inch, from Malaysia, is considered the TV is supported by the latest technology of Sony.

 With the Picture Processor X1TM Ultimate, it can detect hundreds of different objects on the screen to enhance detail, brightness, and color to help you get the most vivid, lifelike images. With 3 speakers and 2 subwoofers, you can enjoy multi-dimensional sound, enhancing your entertainment experience.

TV LG Oled EG920

LG Oled EG920T is a product with a 55-inch, ultra-thin curved screen. The curvature of the LG Oled EG920T is carefully calculated to ensure the distance and image quality from the screen to the sharpest and most authentic viewer.

The TV is equipped with Ultra HD resolution to bring sharp picture quality, even at close distances. In addition, the LG Oled EG920T is also equipped with LG's latest technologies such as XD Engine image processing chip, Tru Black Control that displays clear contrast images, natural light technology, motion  stability…

Besides, there is also the latest technology in sound equipment such as: Ultra Surround surround sound, DTS technology, Smart Sound Mode, Clear Voice... This TV will help you have moments of entertainment the best.

TV is the perfect entertainment tool for you and your family. The fact that it is integrated with more modern technologies will satisfy you in terms of quality requirements. I hope that the information shared above will be useful to you.


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