The Experience Of Choosing The Best Refrigerator For Your Family

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Experience of buying a refrigerator is a collection of knowledge and knowledge of many people, from which it is the basis for you to easily choose a refrigerator that best suits your family's needs. Let's explore the experiences of choosing the best refrigerator for your family.

Capacity suitable for the number of people and the family's reserve needs

Depending on the number of members, storage needs and living habits of each family, you need to consider choosing the most suitable refrigerator capacity. We have the following capacity types:

  • 1-3 users ~ 150 liters.
  • 3-5 users ~ 150 liters to 300 liters.
  • 5-7 users ~ 300 liters to 400 liters.
  • More than 7 users ~ Over 450 liters.

In addition, you can choose a slightly larger capacity than the number of members based on the number of market visits per week, if the house regularly organizes parties or needs to stock a lot of food for sale.

Choose a refrigerator design

On the market today, refrigerators have many designs for you to choose from depending on your food storage needs, preferences or harmony with the interior space:

Refrigerator with freezer on

As a traditional type of refrigerator, with freezer accounting for about 1/3 of the refrigerator capacity, the most popular on the market today. Compared with the general premises, this refrigerator has a relatively low price, suitable for families with limited economic. However, the downside of this type of cabinet is that you have to stoop too much to get the food in the cooler (the most used compartment).

Refrigerator with lower freezer

Solve the problem of getting food in the cooler without having to stoop too much because the cooler is designed right at your eye level.

Side by side refrigerator

As a high-end refrigerator line, bringing luxury and modern beauty to your home's interior space. The refrigerator is equipped with large active capacity, suitable for large families. Moreover, the design of a multi-wing cabinet, suitable for you to store food separately, easily take them out of the refrigerator without having to open the whole cabinet, helping to keep cold air from being lost. When choosing to buy a side by side refrigerator, you need a large area because the size of the refrigerator is very large, and should also consult first because their price is quite expensive.

Energy saving power

Normally, the refrigerator will account for about 7-8% of the electricity consumption of all electrical appliances in the home, especially when the refrigerator is more functional, its power consumption will be higher. So to reduce monthly electricity costs, you should choose an inverter refrigerator with an energy star in the energy label of the industry and trade ministry from 4 to 5 stars, although the purchase price may be small. than other conventional refrigerators.

The intended use of your family

When you look at the different styles of refrigerators, think about how those designs and features will make your life more convenient. Do you really need a larger compartment for your water or milk bottles, do you want the LED lighting in your cabinet; Do you need a smarter cooling system; If you are a drinker of cold water, consider the refrigerator with its own open freezer; If you often buy more frozen items to use gradually, you need a larger freezer,… In addition, you also need to carefully see if the cabinet is easy to use or not, for every member of your family can get what you want. If your house has the elderly and young children, the refrigerator should not be too fussy or need great force to open the refrigerator door.

Flexible temperature customization ability

Usually, for families with few members, you will not need to use up all the fridge compartment to store more food. Therefore, choosing a refrigerator that has the ability to flexibly adjust the temperature between compartments or to turn off operation of each compartment is a worthy choice. In this case, you can refer to Samsung's Twin Cooling Plus refrigerator model.

The ability to remove odors, food does not mix odors between the compartments

The phobia of food odors lingering inside the refrigerator is really a "nightmare" for any user. Therefore, it is necessary to consider choosing a refrigerator with high antibacterial and deodorizing ability, it not only repels unpleasant odors but also helps food to be fragrant and full. In particular, nowadays refrigerators with 2-3 independent indoor units are a great choice for those who like to store a lot of food. Accordingly, each indoor unit will be in separate charge for each compartment, food no longer mixes smells because the cold air in the 2 freezer and refrigerator compartment is completely separate. You will no longer be haunted by the smell of food in one compartment…

Refrigerator can maintain high humidity, keep food fresh for a long time

Foods that are refrigerated for a long time are easily dehydrated, making them no longer fresh and nutritious as they were at first. One of the criteria to note for choosing a refrigerator is its ability to keep moisture. You can refer to LG Linear Inverter refrigerator line that can keep food safe, fresh like new within 1 week thanks to Door cooling + (multi-dimensional cooling + cold flow from the door) and antibacterial technology 5 steps Hygiene Fresh…

Test the quality of the cabinet

When you buy a refrigerator, you often do not try, test, so first check by opening the door to see if it is secure or not, when closed, the body of the refrigerator is stable. For a good refrigerator, when running the noise is very small, not seeing vibrations, you only feel when you put your hand on the refrigerator. Note, you need to carefully read the specifications that the manufacturer provides: power saving features, antibacterial or deodorizing features and green, clean, environmentally friendly technology.

Hopefully with our sharing about your experience in choosing a refrigerator in the article, you will choose the best refrigerator for your family.


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