Experience Choosing The Best Microwave Oven For You And Your Family

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In today's modern life, items that can integrate many uses and operate with high efficiency, bring good results are always very popular, Microwave is one of such tools. When you feel that cooking or baking dishes is a difficult task, the microwave oven is the solution for you. The microwave saves you time by being able to cook food in a short time. Microwaves bring many benefits in the kitchen such as: cooking, baking, reheating, thawing food quickly. If you are planning to buy a microwave oven for your family, please refer to some experiences and note to buy through the following article!

Furnace capacity and capacity

You can choose a microwave oven with different capacities/Ph.thatsit

Depending on the needs of use and the purpose of use, you can choose a microwave oven with different capacities. It is very important to choose the capacity before buying a microwave oven, you must know how much capacity is suitable for your family. Avoid buying an oven but not enough to use for the home or sparse capacity, causing waste and waste of energy.

  • From 20-25 liters: usually used for a family of 3 - 4 people.
  • From 25 - 30 liters: suitable for houses of 4-5 people.
  • 30 liters or more: can be used for offices or canteen - school news or small eateries
  • Capacity is also an important factor in choosing to buy a microwave oven. Usually a microwave oven has a capacity of 700 - 1200 W, the larger the capacity, the faster it will take to reheat or cook food, but it will also consume more electricity. If you are using a microwave oven with high capacity, you must pay attention to how long it operates. A large-capacity microwave will heat food in a shorter time, and if you don't pay attention to it, it can damage the food.

    Should I buy a mechanical microwave or an electronic microwave?

    Microwave ovens are becoming more and more popular, so many suppliers have researched and developed many types of microwave ovens with different functions. On the market today there are 2 types of microwave ovens: mechanical microwave and electronic microwave.

    Mechanical microwave: simple and easy to use with the control knob, suitable for families with children or the elderly can use.

    Electronic microwave oven: has many more functions besides reheating, defrosting, cooking, etc.

    Many types of microwave ovens with different functions/Ph.improb

    The oven has automatic cooking menus, just put the food in and select the mode to cook. However, the disadvantage of this oven is that the control panel is complicated, it takes time to get used to and manipulate.

    Choose an oven with a grill function

    In addition to functions such as reheating, defrosting. Some of today's microwaves are also equipped with a grill function. The grill function will be more easily integrated for you to use many uses in one product. You can use the microwave to bake food without spending extra kitchen space for an oven. In today's modern life we ​​should integrate functions.

    Microwaves with a grill outside the control panel will have the word Grill or Grill. Please note that when choosing to buy a microwave oven, you can only use the oven with the oven, do not arbitrarily put metal in the microwave.

    Additional features: safety lock, power saving

    In addition, you should pay attention to choosing the microwave oven with extra features such as control buttons to ensure easy operation and adjustment during use, safety lock to ensure safety for children.

    New technologies, such as energy-saving inverter technology, rotating disc compartment to increase space for use, heat convection for quick and easy cooking...

    Observe the appearance when choosing to buy a microwave

    You should observe that the exterior, walls and cavity of a good microwave/Ph.microwaves

    When buying an oven, you should observe that the exterior, walls and cavity of a good microwave oven must be glossy, smooth, and not distorted. Topcoat must be sturdy, not rust. The oven screws are shiny, not rust. The controls are smooth, the indicator lights are not malfunctioning. It is best to test all the microwave controls before buying to make sure it is working properly.

    The enameled chamber is easy to clean

    You should also pay attention to the oven compartment is coated with non-stick glaze will make it easier for you to clean after use.


    On the market today, there are many different types of microwave ovens from many different manufacturers. You should buy reputable and reputable manufacturers such as Panasonic, Sharp, Electrolux, Midea, Samsung, Malloca, Teka, etc.

    Choosing a famous brand will help you feel more secure about the quality as well as the warranty, buying more product accessories. They will also provide you with more detailed information and instructions on how to use it, incentives and customer care.

    How to use a microwave safe?

    Do not use metal utensils or plastic dishes or porcelain decorated with metal patterns for microwave ovens to avoid the risk of explosion due to sparks. Food foil wrapping also applies only when using the microwave baking function.

    You should use microwave safely/Ph.bestbuyblog

    Use the special food containers for microwave ovens; Do not use conventional plastic dishes because they are not very heat resistant, so they are easily deformed or melted.

    When cooking foods with shells or thin films (eggs, sweet potatoes, sausages, containers), holes should be tattooed, peeled, and opened to avoid exploding due to increased volume of food inside increased temperature.

    Make sure the oven door is not exposed so that the waves do not come out which could harm human health. Currently, microwave ovens have a function that automatically stops working when the door is open.

    Some toxins can cause serious illnesses such as cancer, from plastic packaging and inks like adipate, phthalate, and benzophenone that can spill over food cooked in the microwave.

    Don't use the microwave to cook marinated pork tenderloin or pork tenderloin. These foods are high in nitric. If heated in the microwave, the nitrates become nitrosamines - molecules that can cause cancer very strongly.

    Avoid prolonged operation and stand too close in front of microwave oven.

    Do not roast or fry in a microwave oven because oil and grease splashes can cause fire and explosion.

    The heating time is not too long. Food that has been heated or thawed for too long should not be eaten because it can cause food poisoning.

    Microwave is an important application indispensable in every kitchen. Choosing a microwave oven that's good for your home is extremely important. Above are our experiences with choosing a good microwave oven. I hope it can help you.


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