Choosing The Right Oven Will Be Easier With These Advices

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Not only for those who start getting into baking but also for those loving cooking, the oven is a necessary kitchen appliance. Its multifunctional abilities help you to prepare good meals and if you are seeking a suitable one, the following advices may offer help.

Factors worth considering

 Which factors to consider to buy the right oven? Source: Ikea

Choosing an oven, like any other kitchen appliances, you have to consider many factors to ensure it works well on your cooking place and fulfills your demand.


If you are about to buy an oven, it is necessary to consider the amount of space available in your kitchen. An oven that is too big cannot get on well with your limited space but a small one may not afford your demand while looking weird in your kitchen. Pay attention to the space available and think about which size will be the best for the design. Most of the oven’s width falls between 27 and 30 inches. You need to consider the interior of the oven to choose the one fitting the casserole dishes and baking pans that you often use.

Range oven or wall oven

If you aim at space-saving, your choice definitely is a wall oven. Normally, it is installed directly into the kitchen wall and often near your cabinets. A range oven often combines one with a cooktop on top of it. When it comes to the interior, a wall oven tends to have less interior space than a range oven and is often placed higher on the wall than a range oven; so, you might bend down more to remove food.

You also have to consider the space around the oven because when you take the hot food out of the oven, you need a space to put it. If you get a cooktop being separate from the oven, it means that you have cabinet space below the cooktop. When choosing an oven, often consider the space you have in your kitchen and the layout that you prefer more.

Single oven or double oven

If you decide to get a wall oven, you get the opportunity of installing a single one or a double one. This is not only about extra space to make food but you also can adjust different temperatures in different spaces. So now you can bake your fish at 300 degrees and roast your chicken at 350 degrees at the same time, which is much more convenient and time-saving.


A double oven is more convenient yet more expensive. Source: Sub-Zero

A double oven allows you to cook different foods at different temperatures. It is time-saving yet space-consuming. As a double oven, it needs more space than a single one. A double oven, of course, will be more expensive than the single one. So, consider your budget before making a decision. If your family does not have many members or there are not too many big parties held in your house, you might not need to invest in an expensive oven. Instead, a single one would be a wiser choice.


Not all of us want to spend our time cleaning an oven, which is the reason why they head for a self-cleaning oven. Things are not only about decreasing stuff you have to clean but also about energy-saving. Few people using ovens realize that a self-cleaning oven can help them to save money in the long run. Usually, self-cleaning ovens are insulated better than the others, resulting in better heat keeping as well as saving energy costs. Therefore, even if they might be a bit more costly than normal ovens, many families still opt for a self-cleaning oven.

Colors and finishes

Over the years, trends in oven style and color change. In several years ago, black ovens were the most popular ones in the market. Nowadays, the leading position belongs to stainless steel ovens. We understand that you want to pick an oven that is trendy at the moment; however, please remember that trends always change and your once-trendy oven can look dated in just a few years later. A good idea is to match all the appliances to ensure they can fit other decorations. If you have a lighter colored cabinet, you can consider a white or off-white oven. For a retro-style kitchen, a bright-bold color oven would be a better decision.

Electric or gas


Electric oven. Source: Amazon UK

Consider what is available to you, electric or gas. Normally, you will find an electric wall oven while a range of oven can be either electric or gas. If you are about to buy a gas oven, see whether a gas line available or easy to install. Also, which is a money-saving decision in the long term? An electric oven may be more expensive to buy while a gas one may be cheaper yet costs more to operate over time.


The placement of the oven in your kitchen is another factor to consider, especially when you are about to buy a wall oven. Determine whether it is practical as you will need space nearby the oven to set down hot foods.


Budget is no doubt a major factor to consider before buying anything. There are many ovens available on the market, depending on which brand you want to get an oven from and which features you are looking for. A wall oven may start at the price of $800 while the range one starts at the price of $350.

Types of ovens

The most common types of ovens in the market are conventional ovens and convection ovens. A conventional oven offers two different heating elements, one at the bottom for baking and cooking and the other at the top for broiling. By heating the air in the oven, this conventional one can cook the fastest but sometimes it heats food unevenly.

A convection oven circulates hot air around the interior with a fan and an exhaust system. Dishes are cooked more evenly with a consistent temperature. Also, this oven can reduce moisture, making the foods crisp outside yet juicy inside. In some modern ovens, you can turn off the convection setting to use them as conventional ovens.

Now that you’ve got some advices of buying the right oven for your kitchen. Instead of buying the one you might love at the first sign, there are lots of things to consider before any oven.


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