Cadillac 2019 XTS AWD Owner's Manual

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Danger, Warning, and Caution

Warning messages found on vehicle labels and in this manual describe hazards and what to do to avoid or reduce them.

Danger: Danger indicates a hazard with a high level of risk which will result in serious injury or death.

Warning indicates a hazard that could result in injury or death.

Caution: Caution indicates a hazard that could result in property or vehicle damage.

Initial Drive Information

This section provides a brief overview about some of the important features that may or may not be on your specific vehicle.

For more detailed information, refer to each of the features which can be found later in this owner’s manual.

Remote Keyless Entry (RKE) System

The Remote Keyless Entry (RKE) transmitter may be used to lock and unlock the doors from up to 60 m ft) away from the vehicle.

Q : Press to lock all doors.

K : Press to unlock the driver door or all doors, depending on the vehicle personalization settings. See “Remote

Lock, Unlock, Start” under Vehicle

Personalization 0 146.

Press and release one time to initiate vehicle locator. Press and hold for three seconds to sound the panic alarm. Press again or start the vehicle to cancel the panic alarm.

X : Press twice quickly to release the trunk.

Press the key release button on the side of the transmitter to pull out the key. Never pull the key out without pressing the button. The key can be used for the driver door.

See Keys 0 26 and Remote Keyless Entry (RKE) System Operation 0 27

Remote Vehicle Start

The engine can be started from outside of the vehicle.

Starting the Vehicle

  • Press and release Q on the RKE transmitter.
  • Immediately press and hold / for at least four seconds or until the turn signal lamps flash.

Start the vehicle normally after entering. When the vehicle starts, the parking lamps will turn on. Remote start can be extended.

Canceling a Remote Start

To cancel a remote start, do one of the following:

  • Press and hold / until the parking lamps turn off.
  • Turn on the hazard warning flashers.
  • Turn the vehicle on and then off.

Door Locks

To lock or unlock a door manually:

  • Use the key in the driver door. The key cylinder is covered by a cap. See Door Locks 0 35.
  • To unlock a door from the inside, pull once on the door handle to unlock it, and again to open it

From the outside, press Q or K on the Remote Keyless Entry (RKE) transmitter, or press the button on the door handle when the RKE transmitter is within 1 m ft).

To open the trunk:

Press| from inside the vehicle. Press X twice quickly on the

Remote Keyless Entry (RKE) transmitter. See Remote Keyless

Entry (RKE) System Operation 0 27.

Press the emblem on the trunk after unlocking all doors.

The power windows work when the ignition is on, in ACC/ACCESSORY, or when Retained Accessory Power RAP) is active. 



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